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  1. Equality Through Inclusion: Evaluation of Empowerment Programs for LGBT Communities in Indonesia

    This seminar will share the findings of a recent systematic study that showed how community engagement can work to improve the health of sexual minorities within disadvantaged population groups. This study aimed to assess the level of community empowerment, health-seeking behaviour, and the experiences of stigma and discrimination among LGBT groups in health facilities in Indonesia.


  2. Inclusive regions: Lessons from development of West Java

    West Java, the most populous province in Indonesia, is facing various issues concerning rapid urbanization, poverty, natural disasters, environmental waste, and even intolerance. As the current …


  3. Symposium on Health Security in Indonesia: Interdisciplinary and Regional Perspectives

    The symposium explores how health security in Indonesia is constituted at multiple levels, from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives. It will consider imminent biological threats, as well as how health security is dependent upon the management of broad social, economic and environmental factors. Speakers consider the central role of Indonesia’s health system in preparing for and responding to new and emerging health threats, and in maintaining levels of population health to prevent large scale health crises. The driving question for the day is: What are the crucial components for achieving health security in Indonesia, and how do those components need to work together?


  4. Monthly discussion: #Reformasidikorupsi

    This monthly discussion will talk about the issues surrounding the student and civil society movements that are demanding the government and legislators drop various controversial bills.


  5. Indonesia Forum Postgraduate Students Writing Workshop

    For more than 25 years, the Indonesia Forum has provided a cross-disciplinary, informal and open network of University of Melbourne academics and staff, as well as …


  6. Monthly discussion: Bicara Papua

    Bicara Papua with Jacob Rumbiak, Richard Chauvel, Ken Setiawan, and Khoirun Nisa Sri Mumpuni. Thursday, 12 September 2019. 5.30pm at Melbourne University. Free event. Please register here: https://bicara-papua.eventbrite.com.au


  7. Public Panel and Workshop: The 2019 Indonesian election: electoral accountability and democratic quality

    This public panel and workshop examines the implications of the 2019 legislative and presidential elections for electoral accountability and democratic quality in Indonesia.


  8. Monthly discussion: the New Order spectre: disinformation in Indonesia’s democracy

    In this discussion, the authors examine disinformation–the “simultaneously conscious and unconscious, blurring [of] the boundary between fact and fiction” (Cheyfitz, 2017: 7)–by taking the case of Indonesia’s 2019 Presidential Elections.