Monthly Discussion “Anak Muda, Bisa Apa?”

The Millennials, Media and Politics


Date: Friday, 19 October 2018, 5.15-7.30pm

Venue: Arts West Building, Room 553 (Discursive Space), The University of Melbourne, Parkville


RSVP: Anak Muda, Bisa Apa?

The youths, or the millennials, have currently become a new subject that all parties and presidential candidates seek to mobilise them as the new basis of constituencies. But, who are the millennials and why has this group increasingly become so central in current Indonesian politics? The discussion of this session addresses these questions from two angles. First, from the lens of demographic changes. Specifically, how such changes have produced a distinct group, called the millennials, with its distinct characters and aspirations. Second, from the lens of media and politics. It is apparent that the media plays a prominent role in constituting the millennials subjects. How have the anxiety, solidarity, and collective aspiration of the youth been facilitated by the media? And, how the media and this group are appropriated by the competing elites for power contestation? Ultimately, how do such dynamic would shape Indonesian politics, especially in its relation to the upcoming 2019 election?


Dr Ariane Utomo (School of Geography, The University of Melbourne)

Hellena Sousia (PhD Cand., Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne)

Dr Nyarwi Ahmad (Postdoc Fellow, The University of Melbourne)