Monthly Discussion and Documentary Screening “Hantu Lama Bersemi Kembali”

Date: Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 5.15pm—8pm

Venue: Arts West Building, Room 156 (Lectrorial Room 1), The University of Melbourne

RSVP: Hantu Lama Bersemi Kembali


Broadly speaking, the topic will be on the politics of human rights by specifically discussing the issues of 1965. How do we assess this issue especially under the Jokowi administration? What are the challenges and opportunities to address the human rights violations especially associated with 1965 issue? What are the problems and achievement of the existing approaches or measures? What is the prospect of the human right issues after the 2019 election?

The discussion will be preceded by a documentary Screening “Sekeping Kenangan” (produced by Taman 65, 2018).



Professor Saskia Weiringa (University of Amsterdam)

Roro Sawita (Taman 65)