How to fix your academic writing trouble

Free online professional development workshop for UoM Indonesian PhD students

Facilitator: Assoc. Professor Inger Mewburn Director of The Australian National University AKA The Thesis Whisperer

Dates: Thursday 11 of June and Friday 12 of June, 2020

Time: 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM

Location: Online learning with Zoom webinars


How to apply – Please send the details below to Gianna Robbers at

  • your full name
  • your UoM email address
  • your UoM student number
  • your discipline
  • the UoM department where you are enrolled
  • the title of your PhD research project
  • the stage of your PhD research ie. Year 1,2,3,4 – pre-data collection, post data collecting, writing up etc

Please note only applicants who forward ALL of the requested details will be considered. You will receive a response to your application within 48 hours of emailing Gianna.