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  1. The 39th Indonesia Forum Post-graduate Symposium Registration

    We would like to invite everyone to register your participation in the 39th Indonesia Forum Post-graduate Symposium via this link. The symposium will be held online …

  2. The 39th Indonesia Forum Postgraduate Student Symposium – Program and Presenters

    2020 marks the 39th Annual Indonesia Forum Postgraduate Student Symposium. The Symposium showcases the research of postgraduate students working in and on Indonesia, including PhD and …


    The 2020 Indonesian Postgraduate Forum will be an online event held on Thursday the 12th of November, from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm. Those interested in …

  4. Intimate Muslimah Public in Indonesia

    Indonesia Forum Lunch Time Seminar Wednesday, 19 August 2020, 12 – 1 PM The seminar will be delivered via Zoom   This seminar will discuss …

  5. How to fix your academic writing trouble

    Free online professional development workshop for UoM Indonesian PhD students Facilitator: Assoc. Professor Inger Mewburn Director of The Australian National University AKA The Thesis Whisperer Dates: …

  6. Equality Through Inclusion: Evaluation of Empowerment Programs for LGBT Communities in Indonesia

    This seminar will share the findings of a recent systematic study that showed how community engagement can work to improve the health of sexual minorities within disadvantaged population groups. This study aimed to assess the level of community empowerment, health-seeking behaviour, and the experiences of stigma and discrimination among LGBT groups in health facilities in Indonesia.

  7. Inclusive regions: Lessons from development of West Java

    West Java, the most populous province in Indonesia, is facing various issues concerning rapid urbanization, poverty, natural disasters, environmental waste, and even intolerance. As the current …

  8. The 38th Indonesia Forum Postgraduate Students Symposium

    The 38th Indonesia Forum Postgraduate Students Symposium brings postgraduate students at both master and PhD levels together in a multi-disciplinary exchange of scholarly interests

  9. Monthly discussion – Precarious Lives: The Precariat and Migrant Workers from Indonesia

    The nature of employment is evolving. Over the past several decades, the standard employment relationship has ceased being the predominant employment structure.

  10. Symposium on Health Security in Indonesia: Interdisciplinary and Regional Perspectives

    The symposium explores how health security in Indonesia is constituted at multiple levels, from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives. It will consider imminent biological threats, as well as how health security is dependent upon the management of broad social, economic and environmental factors. Speakers consider the central role of Indonesia’s health system in preparing for and responding to new and emerging health threats, and in maintaining levels of population health to prevent large scale health crises. The driving question for the day is: What are the crucial components for achieving health security in Indonesia, and how do those components need to work together?

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