Book Discussion with Magdalena Sitorus

On Wednesday (25/05), Indonesia Forum and 1965 Setiap Hari hosted an insightful discussion with Magdalena Sitorus, author of Onak dan Tari di Bukit Duri: Catatan Harian tentang Utati (2021), Taburan Kebaikan di Antara Kejahatan: Catatan Harian tentang Uchikowati (2021), and Jiwa-jiwa Bermartabat: Catatan Harian (2022). Sitorus and reviewer Bronwyn Beech Jones explored the perspectives of the woman survivors of Indonesia’s 1965 tragedy, which is still largely overlooked. These biographical-historical literary works, which employ feminist approaches, contribute significantly to the archive of Indonesian women’s history. The hybrid event was attended by participants from both within and outside of Melbourne.