Monthly discussion – Precarious Lives: The Precariat and Migrant Workers from Indonesia

Date and venue

Date: Tuesday, 11 November 2019, at 5.30pm – 8.00pm
Venue: Room 556 (Lectorial Room II), Arts West North Wing,
The University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010


The nature of employment is evolving. Over the past several decades, the standard employment relationship – based on full-time, secure work, where employees have access to good wages and benefits – has ceased being the predominant employment structure. In its place, part-time, temporary and casual forms of work have become increasingly common. These changes have been fuelled by economic factors, technology, global competition and changes to the ways businesses are structured. In this monthly discussion, Diatyka Widya Permata Yasih will talk about insecurity and instability faced by precarious workers, especially the raid-hailing services in Indonesia and how neoliberalism structures this labour-related insecurities. Wahyu Susilo and Aris Arif Mundayat will talk about the push factors for migration and the vulnerability of Indonesian migrant workers exposed to radicalism/ extremism and how these are structured by existing inequalities, institutional discrimination, and marginalization that can lead to violent extremism.


Wahyu Susilo
Executive Director, Migrant Care – A Nongovernmental organisation that advocates for migrant workers’ rights.

Diatyka Widya Permata Yasih
PhD candidate, the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne.
Sociologist, Universitas Indonesia

Aris Mundayat
Antropologist and lecturer, The Faculty of Social & Political Science, Universitas Sebelas Maret