Special Monthly Discussion. Dialog Dua Dekade: Democratisation and Its Challenges

Date: Saturday, 25 August 2018, 10.30am-2.45pm

Venue: Yasuko Hiraoka Room, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, The University of Melbourne


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The discussion addresses the current state of Indonesia’s democratisation, by linking it to the challenges for the 2019 elections. Following the demise of the authoritarian regime, institutional reforms have not brought about a substantial change. Prominent problems such as inequality, corruption, and human rights violations still persist. Particularly since 2017, the politicisation of identity for electoral contests has been a pressing issue. Not only perpetuating exclusionary politics and thus polarising societies, mobilisation of identity-based politics also significantly influences the workings of Indonesian democracy. Recently, scholars have come to argue that Indonesia’s democracy is experiencing a noticeable setback, even from those who are previously optimistic of democratic transition and consolidation. How do we understand the trajectories of Indonesia’s democracy? How do the current socio-political conditions affect the upcoming elections? What are the consequences for the future of democratisation agenda?


The first session (10:30 – 12:00)

This session discusses the overview and reflection of 20 Years of Reformasi.



Professor Vedi Hadiz (Asia Institute, University of Melbourne)

Professor Ariel Heryanto (Monash University)

Moderator and Discussant:

Dr Dirk Tomsa (La Trobe University)

The second session (12:45 – 14:45)

This session will highlight the challenges of reform in several sectors, including the issues of foreign policy, human rights, law reforms and political Islam and identity politics.



Dr Helen Pausacker (CILIS, University of Melbourne)

Dr Dave McRae (Asia Institute, University of Melbourne)

Professor Greg Barton (Deakin University)

Dr Ken Setiawan (Asia Institute, University of Melbourne)

Political Islam and Identity Politics: Prof Greg Barton Moderator:

Dr Amanda Achmadi (University of Melbourne)