1965: Distorting memory against democracy, reviving memory for empathy

Asia Institute, Herb Feith Foundation and Indonesia Forum proudly present

1965: Distorting memory against democracy, reviving memory for empathy
Date: Tuesday 4 April 2017
Time: 5.45-9.30pm, refreshments and dinner served 6.50-7.30pm
Location: Room 353 (Interactive Cinema Space), North Wing, Arts West, The University of Melbourne

Lecture (5.45-6.50pm)
Max Lane, ‘1965 and the emergence of rightist populism in Indonesia?”

Screening and discussion (7.30-9.30pm)
Faiza Mardzoeki, “Silent Song of the Genjer Flowers”: theatre, memory and women.

Supper will be provided between the lecture and the screening. Registration is essential.


1965 and the emergence of rightist populism in Indonesia?”: This talk will analyse the emergence of right wing populist activity starting with the hostile response to the Indonesian Peoples Tribunal (IPT) in 2015 and the government sponsored national symposium on the 1965 “tragedy” up until the current mobilisations against Governor Basuki Tjahaya Purnama.

“Nyanyi Sunyi Kembang-Kembang Genjer” is a play focused on the experiences in prison – and after release – of women arrested in 1965. It is based on extensive interviews with survivors and library and archival research. It was performed in Jakarta to packed audiences in 2014 and widely reviewed in the press and social media. It is now published as a book. A professionally produced film of the stage play will be screened followed by a Q&A session with the playwright and producer-director.


Faiza Mardzoeki is a playwright, theatre director and producer. Her productions since 2002 include Perempuan di Titik Nol, Nyai Ontosoroh, Mereka Panggil Aku Nyai Ontosoroh, Rumah Bhoneka, Subversif! and her latest production of her original play which she also directed, Nyanyi Sunyi Kembang-Kembang Genjer. Rumah Bhoneka and Subversif! were published as books in 2016 by Djaman Baroe. Nyanyi Sunyi Kembang-Kembang Genjer was also published in 2016 by Penerbit Ultimus Bandung.

Max Lane is the author of Unfinished Nation: Indonesia before and after Suharto (Verso, 2008, 2017; in Indonesian by Djaman Baroe with three new chapters, 2014) and Catastrophe in Indonesia (Seagull Books, 2010; in Indonesian by Djaman Baroe, 2012) and Indonesia Tidak Hadir di Bumi Manusia (forthcoming 2017, Djaman Baroe.) He is translator of Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s This Earth of Mankind series of four books, of Arok Dedes, as well as The Chinese in Indonesia and also plays and poems of W.S. Rendra. He is a Visiting Lecturer in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Gajah Mada University and a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies – Yusof Isak Institute, Singapore.