Two Decades of Reformasi conference, Melbourne, 3-4 Nov 2016

Two Decades of Reformasi: Reflections on Political and Social Change in Indonesia conference, The University of Melbourne, 3-4 Nov 2016

Two decades have passed since the emergence of a broad-based reformasi movement in the final years of the Soeharto presidency, during which time Indonesia has undergone dramatic social, economic, administrative and political changes. This conference will discuss the various reform initiatives that have taken place across a variety of sectors in Indonesia.

In this two-day conference we wish to explore the various aspects of the political, governance and economic reform in Indonesia. Day 1 (3 November) will examine various aspects of Two Decades of Political Reform in Indonesia, whereas Day 2 (4 November) will focus on Two Decades of Governance and Economic Reform.

The conference will address the following themes:

•Political System Reform: Reflections on Two Decades of Change
•Islam, Politics and Society
•Foreign Policy and Indonesia’s International Role
•Human Rights and Justice
•Reflections on Two Decades of Governance and Economic Reform
•Contestation in the Resource Sector
•Development and Social Policy
•Public Administration and Legal Reform
•Security Sector Reform
•State Ideology and Reform

Conference convenors:
•Professor Vedi Hadiz (Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne)
•Dr Rachael Diprose (School of Social and Political Sciences, The University of Melbourne)
•Dr Dave McRae (Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne)

Program and registration details can be found at the following link: