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The University of Melbourne pioneered Indonesian studies in the mid-1950s. Since the early 1990s, Indonesian studies has undergone an impressive growth in both student numbers and staffing and Indonesian studies are now available across a wide range of Departments, Faculties and Centres, including Architecture, Building and Planning, Commerce, Engineering, Law and Medicine, as well as more traditional locations such as Language, Anthropology, Politics and History.

Formed in 1991, the Indonesia Forum (IF), previously known as the Indonesia Interest Group, is an informal and open network of academics and administrative staff of the University who share a common interest and professional involvement in Indonesia. Members keep in touch by e-mail and hold meetings, seminars and discussions. For the past ten years the IF has hosted major functions which have brought together the wider Melbourne Indonesian and campus-based Indonesia-interested communities.

The Forum also plays a policy advisory role on Indonesia-related issues within the University and works closely with the Asia Institute and with Indonesian students and students studying in Indonesia-related areas. In 1999 the Forum arranged its first postgraduate roundtable for students studying in Indonesia-related fields.

The current Indonesia Forum Convenor is Dr Monika Winarnita and the co-Convenor is Dr Wulan Dirgantoro.

Latest events

29 – 30 November 2022: The 41st Indonesia Postgraduate Network Symposium

The Indonesia Postgraduate Network (IPN) and Indonesia Forum (IF) organised the 41st Indonesia Postgraduate Network symposium on 29-30 November 2022. The symposium had participating master and doctoral students from: The University of Melbourne, The Australian National University, Universitas Gadjah Mada, and Universitas Indonesia. Details of the event could be found here.

A recording of the special roundtable on “Publishing Your Research” with  Dr Benjamin Hegarty, Dr Annisa Beta, Dr Ariane Utomo, Dr Tiara Marthias, and Dr Inaya Rakhmani can be seen here:

5 October 2022: IPN Postgrad Seminar 2: Dian Fatmawati on ‘Gig’ Work and Earnings

On Wednesday 5 October, Dian Fatmawati’s (PhD candidate, SSPS) spoke about her research in a presentation entitled ‘Gig’ Work and Earnings: The Case of Ride-Hailing Drivers in Indonesia.

19 September 2022: Mini Indonesia Update

On 19 September 2022, Indonesia Forum and Indonesia Postgraduate Network with ANU Indonesia Project organised the 2022 Mini-Indonesia Update. The speakers addressed the issue of gender equality and diversity in Indonesia.

31 August 2022: IPN Postgrad Seminar 1: Jonathan Tehusijarana on Indonesian Student Soldier

Jonathan Tehusijarana presented for the first IPN first postgraduate seminar on Indonesian Student Army

IPN Postgrad Seminar 1

27 July 2022: Indonesia Postgraduate Network (IPN) Student Support Group First Meeting

On Wednesday 27 July 2022, the Indonesia Postgraduate Network (IPN) with the support of the Indonesia Forum held the inaugural meeting of its postgraduate student support and seminar group. The hybrid event was well attended, with postgraduates from both the University of Melbourne, Universitas Indonesia and other institutions.

25 May 2022: Book Discussion with Magdalena Sitorus

On Wednesday (25/05), Indonesia Forum and 1965 Setiap Hari presented an insightful discussion with Magdalena Sitorus and reviewer Bronwyn Beech Jones on Sitorus’ biographical-historical books addressing the perspectives of the woman survivors of Indonesia’s ’65 tragedy.

26 April 2022: Indonesia Forum Meet and Greet

Indonesia Forum held its first social event: Welcome Tea and Pre-Iftar on the 26th of April, 2022. Amongst the guests are the distinguished academics and researchers on Indonesia at the University of Melbourne, representatives of Indonesia Postgraduate Network, Indonesian Student Association in Australia (PPIA) – Melbourne and Victoria, and LPDP Student Association – Melbourne.

11 March 2022: Indonesia Postgraduate Network (IPN) Start-of-Year Welcome Picnic

On March 11th, the Indonesia Postgraduate Network (IPN), with the support of the Indonesia Forum, carried out its inaugural in-person event with its Start-of-Year Welcome Picnic.

3 December 2021: The 30th Anniversary of the Indonesia Forum

Bringing together voices on Indonesia-related scholarship, education, and engagement, this event involved a panel discussion on Australia’s capability within and outside academia to engage with and study Indonesia at a time when this capacity is under increasing pressure. The panel considered why this capacity is important and what steps are needed to ensure a deepening of mutual understanding and strengthened relationships between Australia and Indonesia in a variety of fields. Read here for related articles on the event, watch the recorded video, or browse the event gallery.


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